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Living in mental-emotional wellbeing is the basis of healthy relationships and a happy life. Craig Poslfuss helps you go directly to this feeling of inner calm, quiet confidence, clarity and genuine optimism despite your past or current circumstances. He is a national leader in two advances in the field that facilitate this:

The Three Principles

Resolving troubling emotions, breaking free from a painful past, gaining insight into important decisions can all come from a new understanding of the three principles: mind, thought and consciousness. These are the core principles of human functioning and, together in your sessions, we will simplify the process of mental-emotional healing and wellbeing. Craig uses relaxed conversational sessions discussing these principles and applied them to your interests and concerns.

Higher Brain Living

We use only 5%-10% of our brain’s potential. Energizing and awakening the most highly evolved part of our brain has been proven* to clear lifelong stress and free up energy for healthy and happy living. By doing this, we are able to uncover and fulfill our life’s purpose and reach our potential.

During these sessions, Craig will use a practice of gentle-touch on the body’s energy meridians** in effort to open, clear and energize the mind-body’s system of wellbeing and unlimited potential.

* University research and multiple brain scan studies.
** Known for centuries by Chinese medicine and verified by modern science.

All clients who work with Craig will receive Three Principles services. You may additionally choose Higher Brain Living to accelerate your results and learn to energize your Higher Brain’s potential whenever you want.